Cost savings, comfort and enhanced crop yield are the main reasons for insulation. We enjoy living and working in comfortable temperatures, in winter as well as summer. In addition, we want to save energy as well as achieve increased yields through adequate climate control. Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek works with various technologies and insulation types, aligned to the relevant situation and desired results of course. After all, we are not just experts in insulation for boiler houses, workspaces, production rooms, offices and storage facilities, but also insulate tanks, mix groups, pipelines, cooling pipes and exterior pipes, and protect these from external influences.

Together, we search for the best solution to your specific insulation requirements, with our skilled consultants continuously keeping a close eye on finish and details. One of the materials we use is aluminium sheeting, custom-made to size in our own workshop. Our specialists can also offer specific solutions for acoustic insulation.

If you have a question about insulation or if you require advice, call +31 10 5114052 for more information or get in touch via the contact form.