Heat engineering

Climate and temperature control are very significant in the process of cultivating and growing crops. This may involve cooling and/or heating, sometimes in combination with other forms of air conditioning. Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek has many years of experience in supplying and implementing advanced greenhouse heating systems, CO² installations, installations for cogeneration, heat and/or cold storage, cooling installations and boiler house systems. We are your first stop for advice related to heat engineering,

We are pioneers in systems for Het Nieuwe Telen (Next Generation Growing). A more equally distributed climate is created through the establishment of controlled air circulation. The result: cold and damp issues are eliminated, energy utilisation is more effective and there is increased crop yield. Heat sources are utilised more effectively, resulting in significant savings.

Voshol supplies all accessories required in a thermal installation. This includes heat exchangers, condensers, buffer tanks, Codinox and flue gas scrubbers. When it comes to cogeneration, Voshol is the ultimate specialist.

Voshol is fully up to date with the latest developments related to climate control technology, legislation and regulations. We provide advice, design your heat installation and install it. We are also your perfect choice for maintenance, 24-hour service and fault reporting service.

If you have a question or if you require advice, call +31 10 5114052 for more information or get in touch via the contact form.