Climate control technology

Utilities construction and innovation can almost be considered synonymous. Many sectors, including greenhouse horticulture, demand sustainable and effective solutions. Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek fully enables these demands. The focus is on the correct (climate control) technology in the right place and on the effective layout of installations, often designed in a way that leaves room to grow, literally and figuratively.

There will be diminished availability of gas. For this reason, Voshol has further expanded its knowledge to facilitate alternative sources of energy. Solar panels, heat pumps and third-party energy will become significant. We can help you in every one of these areas. Our specialists would be pleased to come and take a look, make an inventory of wishes and expectations, draw up a plan and design, and be engaged to ensure correct installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems. If required, they can also integrate and optimise existing facilities.

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