Automation for climate control and energy technology is high on the list for Voshol.

Priva dealer

As an official Priva dealer, we have all that is necessary to automate the climate control, light, heat, energy and the work processes. Voshol can support you with advice and guidance for the purchase of a new climate control computer or for small modifications to your existing Priva system. We have been a Priva dealer for more than 10 years and provide you with the benefit of our extensive knowledge.


For all other projects, we develop and produce PLC customised solutions. This is all done in-house, so we can respond quickly and with flexible action: modifications can be implemented swiftly. Every design complies with the most recent national standards, and if applicable, international requirements. For example, all our control cabinets are designed in accordance with the new NEN 1010.

If you have a question about automation or if you require advice, call +31 10 5114052 for more information or get in touch via the contact form.