If you are looking for reliable partner for installation engineering, we can help. We operate in many countries and our many years of experience means we will exceed your expectations every time.

Voshol can provide you with the following services:

For each request or enquiry, we allocate plenty of time to get a clear picture of your wishes and requirements. We do this by way of a no-obligation orientation meeting, so that you and us are aware of what is required to complete your project. After this, we draw up a comprehensive and customised proposal that is relevant to the installation you require.

Are you starting a large project? We can even look after the project management, which saves you having to find an external party and the extra costs it brings.

The projects we work on involve our own people and subcontractors who have worked alongside us, with our materials, for many years. Thanks to our specific knowledge and reliability in the electrotechnical installation sector, we are a welcome partner for any collaboration.

To guarantee a reliable installation you can count on, we carry out extensive testing and checks after every completed project. We work in accordance with the insurer’s guidelines and we use the latest cabling calculation programes. The projects we carry out in the Netherlands all comply with the following standards: NEN 1010 for Safety provisions for low-voltage installations and NEN 3140 for safe operational management.

Do you have an international project? We also work in many other countries. Our experience with installations is global. We have the necessary knowledge regarding the Belgian AREI guidelines for installations and if required, we can apply UL standards. Thanks to our own branch in Canada, Voshol can also work in accordance with Canadian and North-American standards.

Whether you are interested in working on a project with us in the Netherlands or internationally, Voshol is always a suitable partner.