Valk Rozen

Solar installation of 350 panels on the roof of the Valk Rozen premises in Pijnacker.


Company Falcon Roses
Location Pijnacker
Country the Netherlands
Area 350 panels
Realization 2018
Cultivation Roses


The number of (glass) gardeners who have solar panels installed and thus make their business more sustainable is increasing. This is also the case at Valk Rozen in Pijnacker, where 350 panels were placed on the roof of the premises.


The panels are mounted on a mounting rail and interconnected with PV cabling. Optimizers are placed under the panels for every 2 panels and connected to these ensure that the efficiency of the panels is increased. Optimizers ensure that all panels work separately from each other. When one panel falls into the shade, this has no influence on the rest and the other panels can achieve their maximum yield. The PV installation is AC connected to the fuse box that has been expanded for this with 4 extra groups.