Simply Fresh

A production facility for Simply Fresh is being developed in Hyderabad, a metropolis in southern India. Simply Fresh is an advocate of healthy and local food and produces various lettuce and cabbage varieties, radishes, carrots and herbs.


Company Simply Fresh
Location Hyderabad
Country India
Area 8 ha
Realization 2020
Cultivation Various lettuce and cabbage varieties, radishes, carrots and herbs.


Simply Fresh is India’s first greenhouse project based on biological systems to grow soft fruits and vegetables, chemicals or pesticides are not allowed. Normally all vegetables are grown in an open field, but this has many consequences for the cultivation, such as the heavy rain that can fall and the extreme heat. A greenhouse can not only protect the crop against all this water, but growth can also be controlled. Therefore, a Cravo A or X frame greenhouse seems to be the best solution in India. Simply Fresh already has experience with growing on a smaller scale, but now wants to expand for phase 1, more than 8 hectares of greenhouse will be developed.


The project consists of eight hectares with various greenhouses where Priva’s climate and water solutions are used. Priva supplies automated watering systems, UV disinfection systems and greenhouse automation. Voshol took on the preparation and supervised the project and the Priva installation and automation. The installation is currently running remotely due to the travel ban due to Covid.