Installation of hybrid lighting at Hortipower in Belgium.


Company Hortipower
Location Merksplas
Country Belgium
Area 1,5 ha
Realization 2018
Cultivation Tomatoes


Last year, some of the SON-T (HPS) lamps in a 1.5-hectare area were replaced with water-cooled LED grow lights from Oreon. Where initially 8 SON-T lamps were hung per 2 trellis there are now alternately 5 SON-T and 5 LED lamps with the same electrical power rating. That means 40% less electricity consumption in terms of lamps.

The LED lamps are water-cooled, which extends the lifespan of the Led lamps and increase their efficiency. The cooling water from the LED lighting can be used elsewhere in various ways. For example, at Hortipower they want to use the cooling water to maintain the irrigation water at the right temperature in the winter, because the silos are outside.

Read theĀ article and take a look at the interview with Hortipower.


Hybrid lighting installation with water-cooled LED between the existing Son-T fixtures. The Led fixtures will be cooled by a water cooling circuit.