De Kruidenaer

At the Kruidenaer they have been cultivating dozens of types of herbs spread over more than 25 hectares since 2003. They grow in an innovative and sustainable way


Company De Kruidenaer
Location Etten-Leur
Country Netherlands
Surface 14.000 m²
Realized 2017
Crop Herbs


In 2017, we worked hard to expand the greenhouse with another 1.5 hectares for growing basil on water. In this new greenhouse, the latest technologies have been deliberately chosen. Among other things, diffuse glass, hybrid lighting and air humidification are important changes to be able to grow the best basil in quality.

Together we have looked at how we can best fit the hybrid lighting installation. This lighting installation consists of 2 types of lighting fixtures namely the Gavita fixtures GAN 1000W 400V and a LED fixture Lemnis 585W 230V. The heat output from the Led fixture will be cooled by means of a water cooling circuit.

A heat exchanger is installed in the boiler house to which the supply and return pipe of the greenhouse will be connected. A circulation pump is included in this circuit. This pump will switch on or off when the LED lighting is switched on.


Lighting installation combination Oreon Led and Gavita Son-T, water cooling circuit for Led, heat pump system, heating system, CO2 installation and insulation.