Priva and Voshol recently entered into a partnership for the realization of a challenging horticultural project in India. In Hyderabad, a metropolis in southern India, a production facility is being developed for Simplyfresh. It concerns a total of eight hectares as part of a project that will be further expanded later.

Simplyfresh is a proponent of healthy and local food and produces, among other things, various types of lettuce and cabbage, radishes, carrots and herbs. The project consists of several hectares with several greenhouses where the climate and water solutions from Priva will be applied. Voshol has taken on the preparation and supervises the project and the Priva installation.

When Voshol and Priva started with the project and made the planning, it immediately became clear that they had to do the work very fast. Because the project deadline was brought forward, it was a huge challenge for all parties to get everything done within the stipulated period.

In the end, they succeeded; Priva supplied the water dosing systems, disinfection devices and process automation within a short period. Within the stipulated period, the employees of both Voshol and Priva did a huge amount of work and the containers with Priva equipment left on time. Reason enough to treat to cake, according to the Voshol team that Priva thanks for the efforts that have been made.

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Voshol en priva samenwerking in tuinbouwproject in India