This latest Dutch Powerhouse of Oreon produces a light output up to 3200 μMol/s at 1010 W with an efficiency of 3.2 μMol/J. This makes the Monarch the smallest and most powerful LED fixture available in the market.

The water cooled Dutch Powerhouse Monarch has a light output of 3200 μMol/s with a power consumption of 1010W. This means 49% more light output with the same efficiency (3.2) in comparison with the Empress.

This LED fixture can replace even the best performing HPS fixture, while it produces ± 65% more light or saves 40% energy. Compared to other LED fixtures, the Monarch is extremely powerful thanks to the water-cooling, resulting in fewer fixtures needed in the greenhouse. This means not only a saving on installation costs, but even more importantly: less sunlight is being blocked in the greenhouse. The smallest LED fixture with the biggest impact.

Oreon lanceert het kleinste LED-armatuur met de grootste impact

For further specifications check the website of Oreon.

Water cooling

In addition to a high output, compact fixture and high efficiency, the water cooling system also provides benefits for the climate in the greenhouse. Less radiant heat means less temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable humidity and CO2 values. An additional advantage is the possibility to reuse the removed heat, so that the energy consumption of the lamp is fully utilized. In addition, the active water cooling ensures a low operating temperature of the lamp, which benefits both the light output and the life of the electronics and LED’s. The video below shows how the water-cooled system works in a greenhouse.