About us

Voshol Warmte-Elektrotechniek is a consultancy, design and installation company specializing in climate control. We are active in a variety of sectors, from greenhouse horticulture to residential and utilities construction. We do not shy away from innovation and have plenty of practical proof to demonstrate that practical solutions can easily go hand in hand with cost management, sustainability and reliability. This always involves customised solutions and is often an amalgamation of our various disciplines: Heating (including cooling and dehumidification), Electrical (including assimilation lighting) and Insulation.

Our result-oriented applications are not just brought about through us delving into our area of expertise, we also place a lot of value on knowing exactly who our clients are. The client and the process form the focus of our work. Our solutions will become part of a bigger picture and should form a seamless and reliable fit. A challenge we relish every time, for both small and large projects. We support you from the initial design phase all the way to installation and maintenance. We aim to be an engaged partner, who uses sustainable methods to ensure your climate control challenges are a thing of the past. It means you help the environment, and yourself most of all!

We don’t just work in the Netherlands; we also operate at an international level. With projects throughout the world, including America, Russia and China, our knowledge and experience stretches far and wide. Since 2010, we are the proud parents of a Canadian subsidiary company: JV Energy Solutions Inc. The Voshol technologies are successfully implemented across the globe.